RSA Membership

Why Should Your District Join RSA?

Through our State and Federal advocacy efforts, we help member districts better navigate legislative challenges, take advantage of promising opportunities, and focus on improving or implementing key programs and initiatives.

Each year, the RSA Legislative Committee also develops an annual position statement and maintains active liaison with state legislative leaders and staff of the Governor’s Office to try and achieve each legislative priority. From visiting lawmakers in Albany to collaboration to providing testimony at key hearings, we are focused on the topics most important to our members. 

Through our RSA newsletter, weekly alerts, informative webinars, collaborative events, personal support, and annual conferences, we keep districts informed so they’re always “in the know” and better prepared. When it comes to benefiting small school districts throughout New York State, RSA is the champion rural schools need…now more than ever.


New York State’s rural communities consistently face serious challenges, from population and job development to school staff recruitment, to funding and loss of legislative representation. RSA has become an insightful, powerful voice on your behalf. From systemic issues like funding and staffing to individual district challenges like enrollment loss and shared services, your RSA is proud to consistently provide knowledge, research, and the rural voice to our increasingly urban-centric state leadership.


From our popular Summer Conference to our upcoming statewide regional rural school issues forums, your RSA listens and provides the training, discussions and perspective needed to create sound policy in Albany and Washington, as well as the very best and most easily implemented ideas at your local district level. We hold events throughout the state, attend regional and national events to stay on top of the latest trends, and are always available to come to you when you have a need.


Your RSA partners with higher education and helps run the National Rural Education Association and its advocacy arm, the NRE Advocacy Coalition. We also help lead rural-focused, dynamic coalitions like the ones supporting the Farm to School program and Community Schools efforts. We work to gather the most insightful, relevant, and helpful information for members. If there’s a new idea, a promising practice, or a new approach to intractable problems, we’ll make sure you know ASAP.


Your RSA has top-notch staff with immense experience and who excel at specifically addressing rural school challenges. You won’t find anyone more capable, more focused, or more honed in to the issues you face each day. From hurdles like past due state aid, shared services, or helping with State Education Department interactions, your RSA is your partner and your champion. Our job is to help make yours easier, and with decades of proven results behind us, we encourage you to see how we can help your district.