Mission & Vision


Per By Laws rev 7/10/16: “The Rural Schools Association (RSA) is a member-driven organization that represents the particular interests of the small and rural school districts of New York State. RSA also initiates research, and provides information and services as needed by its members.” (Article II) 


Per By Laws rev 7/10/16: “the schools of New York State that serve small and rural populations will provide the best public education available; vital, effective, and essential to our culture.”  (Article III)

The RSA Board of Directors has set a new direction for your association:

Advocacy Focus

RSA’s vision is to add significant advocacy on behalf of member districts to its array of member services. Rural schools are frequently politically marginalized and underfunded. In response, RSA will seek to educate leaders on the impact of proposals on rural schools and to inform them of methods of helping improve educational opportunities in rural communities. It will do this by providing authoritative information, presented in a professional way.

RSA will regularly attend meetings of the Board of Regents and the state legislative education committees, hold meetings with state leaders and key staff and provide written reports, reactions to regulatory proposals and legislative bill memos. RSA will analyze the Executive Budget and the enacted State Budget, as well as issue veto requests of legislation when warranted. RSA will also provide an analysis of legislative activity from a rural school perspective at the conclusion of the legislative session.

Within the educational community, RSA intends to work collaboratively with partnering associations to advance the general interests of public education. This work will include producing research reports, joint advocacy statements and testimony at legislative hearings.

Increase Visibility

In order to be influential in educating state leaders to the rural school perspective, RSA must become regularly visible. This can be accomplished through issuing press releases on relevant issues, letters to the editor, releasing reports and studies, as well as serving as a spokesperson for radio, television and the print media.

RSA will be a regular presenter at educational conferences and forums, meet with business and higher educational leaders, in addition to providing members with periodic webinars and video clips related to timely issues. Staff will regularly travel to meet the demands of increased requests for local Rural Schools Association presentations.

Increase Member Outreach

Your Rural Schools Association is increasing communication with you by providing regular issues of Albany Alerts and Washington Watch (where we will let you know about important governmental proposals with the potential of affecting your rural district.)

We are expanding the number of people who receive information from RSA to include all administrators and staff, as well as board of education members. We plan regional forums to make it easier for you to attend RSA events.

Finally, RSA makes every effort to come to your district personally whenever you feel we can help.

Expand Partnership Opportunities

One of the most effective ways to increase the recognition of rural school issues is by partnering with organizations that hold similar positions and have like interests. These partnerships can be temporary around a single issue or they can be longstanding.

Our rural schools are closely aligned with business interests, economic development issues and the higher education and military aspirations of our students. RSA reaches out to groups representing those issues to build strong mutual support.

Expand the Geographic Footprint

In the big picture, the interests of rural schools in New York State aren’t that different from other rural schools in the Northeast. Funding, enrollment and economic stagnation affect us all.

RSA is beginning to reach out to organizations and institutions in surrounding states so that we might identify common issues and concerns and arrive at shared approaches. There is strength in numbers and together, we can have a louder voice and a stronger presence for rural schools by collaborating with our neighbors.

If you have suggestions for additional ways we can carry out this vision or if you have information you know will be helpful in our efforts to educate leaders, please be sure to contact us.